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Fueled by a passion for entrepreuneurship and dynamic teamwork, we dedicate ourselves to empowering small and medium-sized enterprises and their teams.

Our strategic focus guides us to invest directly in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with proven track records, and operating within the €2-8 million EBITDA range at entry. We favor majority stakes and strong governance rights in significant minority positions.

We adopt a hands-on and cooperative style, working with either the Founder(s) or the Management Team to navigate the business landscape. Our commitment to majority stakes shows our confidence in the growth potential of the ventures we support. Alignment of goals with the strategic direction of the invested businesses is crucial.

We aim to contribute to the success of SMEs through direct investments, collaborative and hands-on partnerships, and strategic ownership preferences.

What we offer

Start from the dream.

Starting from the dream, our team is dedicated to steering the company toward future value with an expansive perspective. Committed and united in purpose, our different vantage point allows us to identify aspects unseen by the operational team.

Our commitment extends to active and pragmatic involvement in strategic decisions. Moreover, our extensive network facilitates connections and peer-to-peer learning, enriching the collective knowledge pool.

We prioritize sustainable, long-term value creation. Beyond mere financial gains, we cultivate a team culture that transcends capital, benefiting the entire stakeholder community. In essence, our journey from the dream unfolds through strategic engagement, network connectivity, and a steadfast commitment to responsible and impactful practices.

Meet the team
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Price is what you pay, value is what you get.
Warren Buffet

We focus on creating the value ahead. Today is the first day of the future, so let’s focus forward.

What we offer